Steven Nicklie

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Nlaka’pamaux (Coldwater) First Nations is my mother's side located near Merritt, BC. My father is Ahtna Athabascan and he grew up in Cantwell, Alaska. They met in a small community called Baker Creek that is near Quesnel. I grew up in Quesnel and Prince George area most of my life.

When I moved to Vanderhoof to start my first fulltime job in forestry with Avison Management Services after graduating from the Forest Tech program at CNC. I quickly realized that this the company I would want to be part of. There is a good relationship with management and their employees and I do see this as positive feedback for manager and employees. Being with Avison for 18 years I learned that forestry has many aspects of managing the forest, wildlife, streams, lakes and the safety of each individual.

Working in many different locations and with many individuals with different views. We all end up having the same goal, managing the land and each individual.


Albert Raphael

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Saik’uz (Stoney Creek) First Nations is a small community south of Vanderhoof where I was born and raised with my mother Marie Raphael, four siblings and my five beautiful children.

I went to Merritt B.C. to complete my Natural Resource Technicians course. I’ve worked in Fisheries and Forestry for the last 18 years: 10 years with Carrier Sekani Tribal Council in Fisheries; and 8 years in Forestry with Avison Management Services. The experience and project leadership I gained with Avison has brought to were I am today, a skilled professional in forestry, fisheries and environmental monitoring.

I would like to help unite First Nation communities to build a sustainable land. A good foundation of trust and unity is what I believe to be the key for success in Kesgwut Resource Management.


Stuart Sinclair

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Since obtaining my degree in forestry from the University of Alberta, Stuart has worked in the forest industry both internationally and throughout Western Canada. A member of the Avison Management Services team since 1993, I am looking forward to working with the Kesgwut team to fullfill the need for First Nation engagement in environmental management. I have experience as both a silviculture and planning forester, as well as project management and business/client development.