Aquatic and Terrestrial Assessments

We are qualified to conduct the full suite of fisheries and aquatic biology assessments, inventories, and monitoring, and fish population and habitat assessments for any scale project on stream, river and lake systems. We also conduct road crossing and stream classification assessments and watershed overview assessments.

Environmental and Construction Monitoring

We provide full Environmental Monitoring services from the planning phase to permitting, to
on-site monitoring, data collection and reporting, to project completion. Our Environmental Monitors are experienced in a range of project areas and site conditions, and uphold the highest of safety standards.

Hydrometric and Meteorlogical Monitoring

We offer hydrology and climate monitoring services to set baseline measurements and long-term monitoring protocol for air quality and water levels in and near project sites. Our staff are dedicated to collecting accurate data and providing regular analysis and results for our clients.

Reclamation Planning and Implementation

We assist clients through the permitting process at the start and throughout the project. We develop reclamation plans for small to major projects, ensuring that sites during and at the completion of the project meet government regulations and standards. Our staff have extensive experience in managing this critical component of industry projects.

Wildlife Monitoring and Safety

We are experienced in dealing with potentially dangerous wildlife and are licensed and certified in firearms safety to act as Wildlife Monitors to protect crews working in remote sites, as well as in and around camps. Our team of professionals have gone through a training program developed in the north to deal with wildlife in our terrain.

Environmental Baseline Studies

We are trained and experienced in baseline sample design and data collection, analysis and reporting, design and implementation of research programs, as well as wildlife and site assessments. Our professionals conduct the full suite of services including baseline hydrology assessments and monitoring, custom climate station installations, lake and river fish and water studies and testing, and wildlife inventories and vegetation assessments to assist in project planning and implementation for small and large scale projects.

Education and Training

We provide on-site and classroom training for all crew members on new procedures and protocols. Our staff are trained to work safe and work with the necessary areas of training for the project.

Forest Management

We have conducted forest development services including Forest Development Plans, Silviculture planning, access planning and project management.